Gilas Pilipinas Stuns Latvia in Epic FIBA Olympic Qualifiers!


Gilas Pilipinas Stuns Latvia in Epic FIBA Olympic Qualifiers!

Gilas Latvia FIBA Olympic Qualifiers

A Night to Remember: Gilas Conquers Europe

In a stunning upset for the history books, the “Gilas Latvia” matchup at the FIBA OQT saw Gilas Pilipinas topple European powerhouse Latvia 89-80 on July 3rd, 2024. This victory shatters a 64-year winless streak for the Philippines against European teams in the official FIBA competition.

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Dominant Start Sets the Tone

From the tip-off, Gilas displayed unwavering determination. A blistering 8-0 run set the early tone, leaving Latvia scrambling to catch up. The Filipinos capitalized on their opponent’s missed shots and executed Coach Tim Cone’s offensive strategies with precision. By the end of the first quarter, Gilas had built a commanding 32-16 lead, fueled by clutch shots from CJ Perez and a stifling defense that limited Latvia’s scoring opportunities.

Brownlee and Sotto Lead the Charge

Justin Brownlee, the naturalized player and resident import of Barangay Ginebra, emerged as a crucial force for Gilas. He nearly notched a triple-double with a game-high 26 points, 9 rebounds, and 9 assists. His clutch performance included a pivotal four-point play that thwarted Latvia’s comeback attempt in the final quarter. Kai Sotto, the young phenom, also played a vital role, contributing a significant 18 points and 8 rebounds, showcasing his growth and impact on the international stage.

Resilience Under Pressure

Despite Latvia narrowing the deficit to just 9 points in the fourth quarter, Gilas remained composed. Their solid team defense and timely baskets proved crucial in securing the historic win. Coach Cone’s emphasis on teamwork and maintaining focus paid off as the Filipinos never faltered in their determination.

Reactions and Significance

The victory sent shockwaves through the basketball world. Coach Tim Cone expressed surprise and pride in his team’s performance, while Brownlee highlighted the importance of their strong start and staying focused. Even Latvia’s Coach Luca Banchi acknowledged the Philippines’ excellent play and physicality, acknowledging it as a valuable lesson for his team. This win signifies a turning point for Philippine basketball, boosting the team’s confidence and proving their ability to compete against the best in the world.


The Philippines can truly celebrate this victory. The Gilas Pilipinas team defied expectations and showcased their talent and resilience on the international stage. This win against Latvia in the FIBA OQT is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the unwavering support of Filipino basketball fans everywhere. As they gear up for their next challenge, the Philippines can rest assured that Gilas Pilipinas is ready to take on the world. Let’s continue to rally behind our national team and dream big for a historic Olympic run!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the final score of the Gilas vs Latvia game?

The final score was Gilas Pilipinas 89 – Latvia 80.

Who was the leading scorer for Gilas Pilipinas?

Justin Brownlee led the team with 26 points.

How long has it been since Gilas last beat a European team in an official FIBA competition?

This was the first victory over a European team since 1960.

What was the turning point in the game?

Despite Latvia’s comeback attempt in the fourth quarter, Gilas remained composed and secured the win with their strong team defense and timely baskets.

What does this win mean for Gilas Pilipinas?

This historic victory boosts the team’s confidence and proves their ability to compete against basketball powerhouses.

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